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Why Do I Get Lower Back Pain?

Updated: Feb 14

This article is written by Dr. Ksenia Zolotukhina (Chiropractor at InSync Chiropractic and Healthcare, East Fremantle) February 2023

What Is The Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is the pain which originates in the lower part of the spine (Lumbo-Pelvic region, area where Lumbar spine connect with the Pelvis). This pain can be sharp, aching, dull in character, it can refer to the buttocks as well as anterior and posterior legs. Some people may notice the tingling or pulsating sensation, and occasionally some numbness can arise due to the irritation or the damage to surrounding nerves.

Lower Back – Painful Story

Most of us are quite familiar with how debilitating lower back pain can be, unfortunately some of us would have experienced it at least once in the lifetime, and others are getting it on a regular basis. I am one of the “others group” of people who gets it on a regular basis, so I can understand you like nobody else. I believe that now I found the way to keep it away for as long as possible, and I am happily sharing my tips with my patients on a daily basis.

Occasionally, you might find going through the episodes of lower back pain, followed by the remission for some time, and once you think how well you’ve been going, the story begins again. As soon as you take a deep breath and think that is is all over! You think to yourself – No more pain! I am cured! Horray! And only two minutes later, you are picking up a speck of dust from the kitchen floor and KABOOM – your back is sore again… I need to call my chiropractor now.

Why my back keeps getting “out”?

I Can Relate to Your Painful Experience

This story is the perfect example of my own experience with lower back pain. I can confidently say that I had excruciating pain in lower back in the past. This pain was so severe, to the point when I couldn’t move. I remember being in the passenger seat, half laying – half sitting. I remember feeling every single bump on the road, having to hold my breath and brace every time I seen a turn. The most “amazing” thing about pain in the lower back is that it can happen any time, at any place, especially when you expect it the least. I added some of the examples in this article of the most awkward moments leading up to the excruciating pain in the lower back region. These examples are my personal experience, as well as the experience of my patients.

Awkward Examples Associated with Lower Back Pain Episodes

  • e.g. Bending down in the shower to get the shower gel – Lower back gets “locked up”, you can't move.

  • e.g. Bending down to pick up the purse from the floor which you accidentally dropped, just before going to the shops. Hence, excruciating lower back pain – unable to straighten up.

  • e.g. Sitting on the floor and lifting up – Lower back gets locked up – unable to walk.

  • e.g. Sitting on the couch, watching TV. Slightly sliding on the couch so you can rest and lower back cracks. Suddenly, pain arises in 30 minutes and you unable to stand up and walk.

  • e.g. Going to the airport and lifting 10kg carry-on luggage. Popping sensation and pain in the lower back with radiation of the pain to the leg. Unable to walk pain free straight after.

  • e.g. Folding clean washing, one of the socks falling on the floor, you bend down to pick it up – BINGO! You unable to straighten up – Pain in the lower back. You in trouble.

  • e.g. Waking up in the morning and feeling pain in the lower back. Then, getting out of the bed with pain, difficulty walking and moving.

  • e.g. Working in the confined spaces of the roof – just performing the task, and later on unable to straighten up.

  • e.g. Performing deadlift in the gym – getting excited about the heavy weight, feeling pop and back pain almost instant.

  • e.g. I won't even talk about how gardening causes lower back issues (although, I might write another post about it).

Painful Summary

Evidently, there are many more examples how people experiencing lower back pain, as you can see, you don’t have to lift something heavy with poor posture or do something silly, it can happen when you least expect it. Do you feel some of these stories resonate with you or maybe someone you know?! Many people are experiencing this problem, and as a Chiropractor, I keep getting asked same questions again and again.

Why does it keep happening?

Well, unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question! There are many causes associated with lower back ache, they can be as straightforward as:

  • Joint dysfunction

  • Muscular tightness (hypertonicity)

  • Weakness in some muscle groups

  • Muscular sprains or strains

  • Disc herniation

  • Joint degeneration

  • Sciatica

  • Stenosis

  • Unusual spinal curvatures and many other conditions.

Psychosocial Factors Associated with Back Pain

There are also other causes, a lot less clear, they called psychosocial factors. These factors are associated with chronic pain in general, it doesn’t have to be the lower back ache, but I often see this as a contributing factor in many of my patients.

Psychosocial factors can include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Poor coping strategies

  • Stress

  • Fear avoidance and some other factors

These psychosocial factors are just the tip of the iceberg. During the course of our life, we get stressed, overwhelmed, depressed and anxious. We may develop varieties of different psychological feelings, which can contribute to the real PHYSIOLOGICAL problem – causing the pain. In my experience, not only personal but the professional, I see on a weekly basis people with “unknown” cause of the lower back or neck or other musculoskeletal pain after an event of stress. So, don’t think that this is unrelated. Sometimes, looking after your mental health could be just as important as looking after the physical health aka. your body.

Now you can see how complicated lower back pain can be.

Finding The Right Help

Finally, it is important, that your address lower back pain as soon as possible before it becomes chronic condition, and therefore becoming harder to treat, and takes longer to settle down. It is best to discuss this condition with your healthcare specialist who can navigate you to the right treatment and suggestions to improve the outcome of your chronic condition and reduce the occurrence of the symptoms.

Chiropractors are highly skilled at identifying the root causes of lower back problems and providing appropriate treatment. If your condition needs additional interventions, you may be directed to other specialists in the same field.

If you are experiencing difficulties with lower back problems, feel free to contact us. Our Fremantle Chiropractor, Dr. Ksenia Janczyk (Zolotukhina), will be delighted to assist you!


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